Now that I have experience with the three main Comptia certifications. Having earned all of them, I know what it takes to get certified in these disciplines. More importantly, I know what it takes to pass these exams. Many who fail or don’t pass don’t because they lack resources to prepare or they just aren’t sure how to study for these tests. In this post I will give you my top recommendations for preparing for your certification exam in IT.

Performance Based Questions

I have used a lot of different certification training courses in the past and I can unequivocally say with CertMaster you will be 100% prepared for the performance based questions on your exam.

That said, Certmaster to me felt like it gave you too much information that may or may not be on the test.

Exam Material

Professor Messer had the most directly relevant information for the Comptia exams. This was especially true for the A+ and Network+.

Taking the Security+ after having already passed the Network+ exam gave me an advantage because I was already familiar with a lot of the information covered on the Security+ exam.

Practice Tests

Jason Dion had the best practice exams available and had more in depth material than Professor Messer. If there was a subject I needed more clarification on, I watched Jason Dion’s video on it.


A subscription to PocketPrep’s practice questions are beneficial if you want a comprehensive question bank to prepare for multiple certification exams. It is kind of expensive, but if you’re planning on taking multiple certification exams it’s worth it. It is somewhat costly but will pay for itself if you plan to take multiple certification exams.

While I cannot guarantee that my studying method will work for you, my self-study system did enable me to pass the exam. If you can take all of Jason Dions exams and complete 500 questions on PocketPrep with an 85% accuracy rating, and complete the CertMaster PBQs, you will be well prepared for you exam.